Racal SA.97 Wobbulator page 3

The inside of the SA.97, beginning top left and continuing clock-wise: The RF plug-in enclosure,  Y-Amplifier, CRT, Timebase generator, Astigmatism control and Voltage Stabiliser circuit, Marker Generator and finally the PSU. Note the dark stain in the corner of the chassis (bottom right). This is from the oil that leaked from the faulty 100nF capacitor. It is also possible that originally this capacitor may have been mounted where the round hole is, although there is no evidence that it was ever so. I would guess then that a smaller one was sourced and in this case, went on to fail. The lone potentiometer at the rear of the chassis is connected to the stabliser circuit (V3 and V6) and is used to set the HT to the the Lin/Log Amplifier to 210V.The HT rectifier is a 5V4G and the CRT is a DG13-2.

December 2015: Many thanks to Johan (PE1RHC) for providing a full schematic diagram for the SA97, which can be downloaded here.