No, this isn’t a front for some obscure group of fashion freaks. In fact the name ‘chav-free-zone’ was my wife’s idea, not mine. I had been maintaining a website elsewhere but had invested in more ‘versatile’ server space but had never got around to coming up with a ‘catchy’ domain name. Then one morning as we were leaving the house, my wife suggested ‘chav free zone’. It stuck! It may sound a bit eclectic but  at the same time the name actually sums up our family, in whose wardrobes you will not find any evidence of all things Chav . . . That is football shirts, white slip-on trainers, Burberry baseball caps, chunky gold chains and over-sized gold hoop ear-rings.
On the other hand, what you will find on this web site are . . .
An on-going history of my radio activities dating back to 1976, a host of QSL-card galleries and the occasional item for sale. Back by popular demand will be my collection of favourite Indian recipes and a few creations of my own.
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Initially this website evolved as a sort of blog. When I started refurbishing RA17s it became logical to keep these pages separate. The same later applied to my T1154/R1155 work. Thus, the site was re-organised. With reference to the menu, top left; the options are self explanatory. The Racal pages are all lumped together under one heading, as are the T1154/R1155 pages. I have done my best to ‘date’ every article/piece of work. The ‘About me’ option covers almost everything else and is like-wise dated wherever possible. Thank you for viewing this website. I enjoy reading the feedback that I get. email users please be aware that frequently bounces my emails. So if you have recently emailed me about something and you have not had a reply can I suggest you ‘tell’ that my email address is safe.