T1154M Ser. 86102 Restoration (/cont)

Below ... Before and after shots of T1154M Ser. 86102

Left ... There are only three capacitors in the T1154 which warrant summary re-stuffing and two of these are in contained within the same ‘block’

Quite a transformation ... The set cleaned up rather well! Like on my own 1154, the serial number plate is recreated on paper. In this case, the original shellac covering was so badly discoloured and wrinkled that any attempt to clean it would have destroyed it. So I simply reversed the plate and stuck a paper copy on top. Similarly, the ‘Filament mod’ and ‘Fuse mod’ labels to the left of the Yellow Range variometer are modern versions. Unlike my one though, there has been no requirement to re-spray anything; instead, in most areas, a damp cloth was all that was required and wherever there was any paint that had actually flaked off, I found that black acrylic paint when applied with a stiff bristled brush, did the business. The front door is actually the original from my own T1154. I only realised this when cleaning this one up. I found that the serial number 85660 is painted on the inside surface of the door! Since my own transmitter had to have its front more or less fully re-sprayed, I felt that it would actually look odd with a rough textured front door, so I have opted to keep with the home made door on mine and transfer the original to this one ... as in the photograph.