Before and after photographs of the BFO/DF compartment. Here I finally encountered the dreaded rubber insulated wire … if it doesn’t crumble to dust on contact, it melts into a horrible stinking goo as soon as the wire heats up. This sub-assembly did exhibit some signs of corrosion but nothing serious. This was cleaned using WD40 and fine abrasive paper. The valve, an original VR101 or MHLD6 was tested on my AVO Valve Tester and found to be good. This self contained assembly can be tested and set aside to be re-fitted later.

Re-building R1155E Ser. 69428 page 1

Left … This is the ‘re-stuffed’ inside of the block capacitor  (2uF + 2uF + 1uF) in the DF compartment (above).

Below … The single-most daunting part of the R1155; the Coil-Box. There are four chassis-mounted 100nF capacitors that need re-stuffing here.  I’m sure I would have noticed it before, this being the fourth 1155 that I have tackled, but I suspect the switch mechanism in this unit to be different from others. There is no end-stop! Good job I had five other 1155s to compare it with! That includes my AD8882B.

Left … The BFO/DF compartment refitted along with the ‘Hum Filter’, Volume Control, Meter Balance and Meter Amplitude controls. Note that I have already laced up the wire loom since access will soon become impossible.