A couple of photographs of the finished receiver. I think it looks quite good with the textured paint on the case. Overall sensitivity is very good indeed with the NDB at Prestwick on 355KHz being picked up at a distance of 80Km! Curiously, when using the RF gain option (omni) the useable audio appears to be confined to the last 50% of the control travel. The AGC voltage swing is as per document A.P.2548A so I have to conclude that this anomaly is down to valve characteristics etc. I cannot find anything wrong. Also as per other 1155s, the holes in the coil-box lid are marked for the individual bands (although access for adjustment is recommended via the holes in the front of the box). I recorded the coil-box wiring during the strip-down process checking each position on the switch and detailing which trimmer capacitor and inductor was selected. However the end result does not appear to agree with the numbers adjacent to the holes in the lid. At first sight this might be a bit alarming, indicating a wiring error. But all the bands tuned up. The tuning scale is as accurate as can be expected and as previously said, the sensitivity and audio output is very good.

Restoring R1155L Ser. 0138 page 7