Once the radio is stripped down to a bare chassis and all the bits and pieces are carefully bagged and labelled, the restoration process can begin.This page shows just a few of the sub-assemblies, before and after re-work.

Left: Bias Tag-Board before

Right: Bias Tag-Board after

Restoring R1155L Ser. 0138 page 3

This is the Audio Filter, sometimes referred to as the hum-filter.

Left: before

Right: after

An example of a re-stuffed triple capacitor

As mentioned earlier, the BFO/DF compartment had been worked on somewhat. During re-work I found that one of the stacked capacitors at the bottom of the DF sub-compartment was short-circuit. Also, most of the tags on the BFO board itself were broken. I managed to salvage a replacement board, a 5nF capacitor and a block capacitor from a couple of scrap units