April 16th 2014:

This is the first of two R1155s that I was contracted to refurbish. Actually, I was handed five 1155s and asked to produce two fully working examples. After examining all five, I decided on the ‘E’ and an ‘L’. More on the latter later.

The R1155E is an all-steel version of the R1155A. Aluminium was required for aircraft manufacture and from time to time would be in short supply. Thus, the R1155E was born. Steel 1155s were  6lb heavier than the aluminium version at 32lb, but were still used in airborne applications.

R1155s were produced in huge numbers from early 1940 until 1945. Later models are conspicuous by the fact that most of the front panel decals are painted on as opposed to screwed on. The exceptions being the range switch decal (because the ‘L’ covered a different range) and the volume and Meter Amplitude controls which are mounted from the front. This particular R1155E (I have seen a photograph of an ‘E’ with a screw-on range decal) goes one step further by sporting a silk-screened range decal. Look closer at the R1155E and you notice that there are no solder tags on the screws securing the valve holders. Instead these have been spot-welded to the steel chassis near-by. This and the total lack of screw-on decals might be perceived as a weight-saving feature but I doubt it. It is more likely that speed of manufacture was the issue.

The front panel of this R1155E is in good condition. Only the Het. Decal is faded. The Jones Panel had been removed and covered over with a thick sheet of Paxolin. A small aluminium sheet had been screwed over the Jones Panel decals. As can be seen from the bottom photograph, most of the accessible DF circuitry had been removed … i.e. V1, V2 (including bases) and V9, L23, L24, the DF tag-board on the end of the coil-box and three of the iconic tall tubular capacitors. Fortunately none of the switches or potentiometers had been removed. Those DF-associated components in the rear of the BFO compartment were also still present. The Coil-Box lid was however absent. I have reason to believe that the white ‘R’ and disk indicate that this receiver was partially refurbished at a later date … possibly by EMI?

R1155E Ser. 69428