Despite its steel construction, the chassis showed little signs of corrosion. The wiring was also in good condition due to the lack of the dreaded rubber insulated stuff. It is always a bit disconcerting stripping down an R1155, but all of it must come out, if not just to gain access to hidden resistors etc.

Dismantling R1155E Ser. 69428

Two photographs of the chassis completely stripped down. I left the cardboard ‘gasket’ in place so as not to damage it. The red ink denotes a ‘spot weld’. At this point in the process, the chassis has yet to be cleaned. There was some corrosion present under the three large RF inductors, L4, L5 and L6. All the rubber grommets will be replaced and any anti-shake shellac will be removed.

As can be seen, the R1155E doesn’t sport a vernier-type scale around the early Type-13 tuning mechanism. The scale was filthy and showing signs of discolouration. Normally I would remove the scale for cleaning or replacement but the screw securing the course knob was seized solid. I opted not to force it since the mechanism was working perfectly. Better not to disturb it, I concluded. As will be seen in a later photograph, seen through the crescent blister, the scale looks just fine.