A Home-Made J-Switch for the T1154 (/cont)

The photograph on the right shows the inside of the home-made J-Switch. The wires to the Aerial Condenser and Earth sockets were not in place at this time. A conductive strip of tin can just be seen linking all the SO239 connectors together. The photograph below shows the home-made J-Switch and Aerial Condenser installed with the complete setup

Home-Made T1154 Case Screws

If you can’t get any original T1154 case screws … make your own!

These were easier to make than I envisaged. First of all you will need to find some suitable 3/16 BSW threaded screws. I found some 3/8 inch diameter brass tubing which I bought from a model shop many years ago. This is the exact diameter of the head of the case screw. Using a pipe cutter, I cut three lengths to match the case screw on the left. The 3/16 BSW screws were carefully positioned inside the brass tube which was then carefully filled with epoxy resin. When the resin is cured, bevel the top and file a wide slot using a needle file. I finally sprayed them with what was supposed to be a chrome finish paint. But it turned out more like steel … which suited the job even better. I think they look quite realistic!