A Modular Transverter for 3cm - page 3

The photograph above is of the final build under test. For added rigidity the relay is now screwed onto a pillar which in turn is glued to the sub-chassis. The reason for this is discussed later. The control cable (PTT) to Alan’s FT817 is by way of a right-angle 4-pin ‘microphone’ connector on the side below the weather-proof switch. Note that this comes into the enclosure rather close to the 40MHz Reference board. This is NOT a design feature but a mistake. Initially the hole for the switch was drilled in the wrong place. This hole was simply re-used for the PTT control. Note the use of ribbon cables throughout. There are NO solder connections to any of Chris’s boards. In fact making any solder connections to Chris’s boards invalidates the warranty.

The PA is secured to the inner wall of the enclosure using screws and double-sided thermal transfer adhesive tape. A nominal heatsink has also been bolted to the outside of the enclosure in the vicinity of the PA.