Restoring an R1155 Receiver (/cont.)
This is the D.F. / BFO Compartment. As can be seen, I have left the wiring in the D.F. Sub-compartment as it is since none of it is of the dreaded rubber insulated type. Also, the three metal-canned inductors are extremely fragile and difficult to remove. Note that I have replaced one of the silvered mica capacitors in the BFO. Although still within tolerance, the original was in a very sorry state. The BFO is self contained and can be tested outwith the main chassis.
If there is one area within the R1155 that is going to frighten people away then it has to be the Coil Box. 15 trimmer capacitors, 18 inductors (although not all are variable) and 8 switch wafers!. However if you follow the steps in Peter Holtham’s book the process of refurbishment and re-fitting is actually remarkably painless. Although the wiring may look somewhat untidy, it is that way largely by necessity since the wiring needs to be kept as short as possible.