DB6NT 1.3GHz Transverter MKU 13G2B kit (/cont.)
As previously stated, these kits are NOT for beginners, in that they require the constructor to have previous knowledge and experience with SMD components. Another area of experience not touched on is rudimentary metal-work. Kuhne supply 12 M2 pan-head screws for securing the 3 SMA connectors to the box. However there are no nuts provided as you are expected to tap a 2mm thread in each of the 12 holes. This is simple if you have an M2 tap and a 1.6mm drill. Alternatively you can simply drill the holes M1.5 and use an M2 screw to cut the thread. If you can drill the holes less than M1.5 (but not too small), all the better, then use a tool like a braddle to enlarge the hole from the outside. This will increase the surface area for cutting the thread. The tin-plate box is only 0.6mm thick after all. If I have any criticism of this and similar kits it is only one and it is that the M2 screws provided are fine for securing the SMA connectors but are just that little bit too short to accommodate the solder-tag as well. To
get round this minor nuisance, I simply drilled and tapped the appropriate hole to M2.5 and fitted an appropriate screw. I used M2.5 since the hole in the solder-tag was almost as large as the head of an M2 screw.
To quote the manual ‘ . . . an additional LNA is not necessary.’ And I would probably agree if I didn’t live in Scotland where it has to be said, microwave activity is sparse compared to central Europe. With this in mind I opted to leave the DEMI HEMT LNA in place when I swapped the transverter modules over. I found that the new transverter plus DEMI LNA with the 706MK2G pre-amp off gave a better gain/noise performance than without the LNA and with the 706 pre-amp on. With the current configuration, signals that were previously marginal at best and often non existent are now well clear of the noise.
Note the one odd-size screw securing the solder-tag
The DB6NT MKU 13G2B 23cm transverter kit is a marvel in miniature technology. Michael has revised his original design in line with current technology trends to make available a kit which if assembled carefully will easily satisfy the most discerning microwave enthusiast.
It is available from www.kuhne-electronic.de
Price is currently €199.00 excluding shipping.
1296 ... 1298 MHz
144 ... 146 MHz
min. 0.4 W
max. 3 W, adjustable
typ. 0.8 dB
min. 20 dB, adjustable
+12 ... 14 V
typ. 350 mA (on transmit)
+3 ... 14 V
55mm x 74mm x30mm