Once fully installed, I was surprised, and delighted to learn that the VSWR on each of the two bands was now considerably better than before. Across 12m, the VSWR does not exceed 1.2:1, whilst across 17m it does not exceed 1.3:1. I went back and measured my original (temporary) radials and found that I had mistakenly cut the 17m one too short . . . by 1 foot!!
18-24-finished-1.jpg 18-24-finished-3.jpg
The proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating. So how does the antenna perform? As luck would have it, within days of installing the vertical, the HF bands were all but wiped out due to sun activity. However, on receive, initial tests had already indicated that in general, there is little difference between it and the Cobwebb, which is at twice the height. . . .

. . . . It’s funny how things turn out. Now, in August 2006, I still haven’t worked anyone on the 18-24 vertical. But then again, that’s because I haven’t tried yet. I have been engaged in other projects, which is what I love about this hobby . . . and I get a real kick out of making things.