R1155A Ser. No. 40696 (cont/)

This is the closest you get to a printed circuit board in the R1155. This is the Bias tag-board which is tucked away under the chassis, under the main system switch. Note where I have joined either two or three resistors in series. It is vital not to use nearest preferred value resistors since this board determines the bias voltages used throughout the receiver. 30K is achieved by three 10K resistors in series and 200R is achieved by two 100R in series.

The chassis cleaned up rather nicely. The photograph on the left shows some of the controls and assemblies aleady rebuilt and installed. The Aural Sense tag-board is the little board with four (but occasionally six) resistors, mounted on top of the Aural Sense switch, top left in this photograph. All the rubber grommets have been replaced and the valve sockets carefully cleaned and refitted.

Another shot of the chassis, this time the underside. I suppose it is actually interesting that in a way, the chassis tray is upside down. When the set is upright, the horizontal part of the chassis is like a tray with a raised edge all the way round. I don’t think there is any  special reason for this other than bending the chassis in such a way increased the rigidity of the structure. The R1155 was designed to be cheap and light.