The RA3702 Dual HF Receiver

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  5. The RA3702 Dual HF Receiver
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  8. The MA3752 driving a TA3762 PA

September 2019

The RA3702 is issentially two RA3701s in the same rack-space. However, like the RA3712, the basic configuration takes up nine of the available ten slots. Whereas my RA3701 has a Sub-Octave-Filter before the RF Front-End and an additional 100KHz IF Output Module, my RA3702 has neither. Like the RA3712, the RA3702 employes the higher spec. Racal-Dana 9420 5MHz reference Oscillator. For a description of the plug-in modules see the page on the RA3701.
Above, rear view of my RA3702. Note the epoxy-resin between the Main-Voltage Selector and the IEC Mains connector. Although I have on one occasion replaced the entire Schaffner unit with a brand new one, I have since learned that it is possible to simply hack-saw the exploded filter/connector part off and replace it with a 'plain-vanilla' IEC plug ... allowing me to retain the mains-voltage selector.

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