Another R1155A resurrected … (/cont)

This is the Master Switch as removed from the set. Generally the state of the wiring was good. The rubber insulation had not perished and become brittle. However, elsewhere, where tinned copper had been used and had been sleeved with yellow rubber, this HAD morphed into what can only be described as dry macaroni! Also seen for the first time were OV and TGC inspection stamps. The chassis bore an embossed MWC stamp.

OV was Osram Valves and TGC was The Gramaphone Company. Osram was actually part of the Marconi group. The TGC stamps imply that the assembly of this R1155 was very likely carried out by EMI who had been formed as a result of
the merging of TGC. and ‘Columbia Graphaphone Co.’ in 1931.

Clock-wise from right … a montage of views of the R1155 during stages of re-build, with the frightening coil-box being amongst the final part to be  fitted. The ‘Magic-Eye’ is actually the final part to be wired up.