T1154M Ser. 86102 Restoration (/cont)

Two Triodes and two paralleled Pentodes

Three more photographs of Ser. 86102. The transmitter worked perfectly first time, I am happy to say.

All that needs to be done now is to clean up the cabinet.

The frequency calibration on this one and mine is somewhat dubious, but I plan on looking into resetting the MO dials.

Personal Historical Note ...

Growing up during the heat of the cold war and being of an impressionable age in the mid 1960s, I suppose it was inevitable that I would develop an interest in WW2. My own father was in the ATC as a teenager in Leith when WW2 broke out and therefore was more or less guaranteed to be called up for RAF service. He wore glasses though, so was told he was likely to be trained as a flight engineer if selected for aircrew. However, he was too young for call-up at the start of the war and by 1944 when he finally received his ‘papers’, Bomber Command actually had an excess of aircrew, so he was drafted into the army instead and served in the Royal Scots. Six weeks before VE day, he landed in India where he served out his time in the services behind a desk, attaining the rank of sergeant.

Between 1939 and 1945, more than fifty-five thousand Bomber Command aircrew were killed in action ... NOT including those wounded (some severely) or captured. How different things might have turned out had my father been born a year or two earlier.