Transmitter Type T1154M, a restoration. /cont

Fully restored T1154M Serial Number 85660

Most of the front panel lettering had been worn away, so I created new lettering from simple address labels by printing white on a black background. The blue on the Band Switch scale had all but gone, so I made a new coloured ‘arc’ which I printed on photographic paper to get an authentic finish. The lettering on the serial number plate was barely legible, so that too was recreated, as were the two labels to the left of the variometer. The Red-Range reversible socket (X-N) was missing, so I fashioned this from a block of MDF (sprayed matt-black), some rolled copper sheet and printed the label on photographic paper. The single-pin C-Shell connector for the 1200V was a lucky find on Ebay but commanded a premium price!! I am extremely grateful to Peter G0DRT who very kindly ‘donated’ the two missing panel meters to this project. Peter also let me have a pair of PT15s for a very reasonable price. These valves do come up on Ebay from time to time but are sought after by fanatical Hi-Fi enthusiasts who will pay silly money for them. They then strap all three of the grids together, run them as triodes and get about 15W of audio out of them ... Such sacrilege when some of us need them to restore these wonderful iconic transmitters. Sir Christopher Cockerell’s daughter said at the unveiling of a monument in honour of her father in 2010 (in relation to the hovercraft) that the T1154 and R1155 are thought to be the most important communications equipment in the life of the nation. She also said that her father had taken a flight in a Lancaster and had described it “…as near to hell as you can get, with the extreme cold, lack of oxygen and terrible noise level from the four Rolls Royce engines”.