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To whom it may concern,

Recently I had the good fortune to take delivery of a newly restored Racal RA17L from Ian Ropper, GM0UHC and I’m happy to record that this has been one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve ever made.

Valve gear has always been my preferred form of Amateur Radio . From the early days, when to build a ‘one valve set’ as a twelve year old was the ultimate thrill that never really went away , so the big chunky sets of the post-war era had a natural appeal and I got to know many of the great names; RCA AR88, Mod R107, Marconi CR100, the 18 and 19 set and others, all now sadly a distant memory.

With the advent of the Racal RA17 et al clearly a whole new standard was established and although becoming rarer now, it is a ‘national treasure’ worth preserving .This is what Ian has undertaken to do from his well equipped workshop just West of Edinburgh.

I had been surveying the Market for some time when quite by chance I came across Ian’s Web site and it’s wonderful collection of illustrations of the restoration process and was absolutely captivated. The sheer volume of the work involved in replacing every resistor and capacitor (almost), the incredible attention to detail, the meticulous care and dedication required in coping with the manifold intricacies of something so complex and involved.

I made up my mind I was going to have one of these remarkable receivers whilst the opportunity still existed .The process is more than a quick wash and brush-up of course and a period of about 28 days elapses before the job is complete. However the buyer is kept In touch with progress by Ian with an ongoing helpful narrative throughout and when complete, the receiver is shipped to the buyer in an incredibly strong Box (Triple thick cardboard) to ensure safe delivery.

Allowing for a quick ‘warm up’ my RA17L began to make itself heard immediately. It was unpacked (no mean task) and I knew I’d made a good choice. I know I can be sure of many years of reliable performance and I am very happy to commend the service provided by Ian to any future potential client.

Reg Andre, G0SSG QthR, Fists 1169, G-Qrp 9412

1st Dec. 2013