RA17L N9151 page 1
RA17L N9151 page 1

All knobs have been ultrasonically cleaned and re-whited where applicable.

There are some small scratches on the front panel.

The chrome handles are in very good condition.

All carbon resistors have been replaced.

All tubular capacitors, 4n7F and up have been replaced.

40MHz BP filter and 100KHz IF filters have all been re-aligned using a DG8SAQ VNWA


                         1.5MHz           14.5MHz            28.5MHz

CW                    28dB                20dB                 21dB              for 1uV and 3KHz IF B/W

AM                     26dB                24dB                 23dB              for 3.5uV and 3KHz IF B/W

Racal’s original spec was for a s/n ratio of 18dB.

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