Finally, V10 can be wired up and the wire bundles neatly laced. It is though a good idea to align and test the receiver before applying the lacing cord. The only item missing is the screening cap from the top of the 1st IF valve (bottom right).

Restoring R1155L Ser. 0138 page 6

Those with sharp eyes will also have spotted that V9 is not a VR102 (BL63). Several years ago I spent some time looking for a suitable alternative for the nearly impossible to find VR102 and I came across the 6F8G which is pin-for-pin identical. Specification-wise, being designed as an audio amplifier it does differ from the VR102, which I believe was not. However, in the R1155, the double triode is simply used to drive the twin movements in the Visual Indicator. The diminutive 6F8G performs this simple task with ease whilst drawing about half the heater current of the VR102.

Be aware that 6F8Gs are, like many WW2-era valves, loved by audiophiles. So although easy to find, they do sometimes cost up to £25 each … but still a lot less than VR102s go for!