The coil-box which was re-wired earlier can now be fitted. However, Inductors L4, L5 and L40 first need to be screwed to the chassis. An obvious question at this point is ‘with the coil-box in place, how does one actually solder the necessary wires in place?’ I find that with the rear of the coil box propped up by about 15mm, it isn’t too difficult to get the soldering iron into the space below.

Restoring R1155L Ser. 0138 page 5

The penultimate area of circuitry to be done is that associated with V1 and v2. This involves threading a bundle of wired up though the largest of the rubber grommets next to the Master Switch. The bulk of these wires go to L23.

Note that I fitted the two static-bleed resistors but left them disconnected from the antenna terminals.