The first assemblies to be re-fitted and wired up are the 9-way tag-board and the Jones Panel, followed by the Bias tag-board, the audio output transformer, the Het On switch, C103, R9 and R68.

Restoring R1155L Ser. 0138 page 4

The BFO/DF module can then be re-fitted along with the valve sockets and tall tubular capacitors in the IF/AF section … followed by the heater (LT+) wiring, in blue. The photograph above right shows the chassis wiring complete from the RF amplifier up to the audio stage.

The wiring around the Master Switch can be very daunting … perhaps more so than the Coil-Box. Whereas the coil-box can be re-wired off the main chassis, the Master Switch must be wired more or less ‘in situ’. At this point L23, C56, the chassis mounted block capacitor and the remaining front-panel switches are fitted and wired up.