December 2015:

I thought it was about time I explained my ‘personal statement’ … “I’m way too smart to own any Apple products … competition drives innovation”. Here’s the revised, shortened version …

So why do I believe I am too smart to own any Apple products? Well, firstly I’m not one for buying the latest gadget just because the manufacturer tells me I need it. Secondly I believe they are simply over-priced. Also, Apple’s policy of patenting literally every aspect of every product is nothing more than yet another revenue generating scheme and something that is becoming more and more prevalent in North America. However Apple appear to be the arch exponent at it … take the various court actions where Apple sued Samsung for using the same deeply embedded code in their smart phones. Doesn’t Samsung actually manufacture some of the chips that make up the iPhone? Wasn’t there a case where Apple sued someone simply because the other company’s product looked like their’s. That is so pathetic and childish. That’s a bit like Ford suing General Motors because the wheels on their cars are round too!!!

Here’s a bit of history to make you laugh … maybe.

When Microsoft released Windows 3, Apple threatened to sue, accusing Microsoft of stealing the look and feel of their ‘clickable’ buttons within the GUI. Why do I find this funny? Well, it is common knowledge that Apple themselves pinched the 3D clickable button idea from Zerox Parc.

Let’s be honest here … competition really does drive innovation. If you stifle the competition, then you actually take away the healthy need to keep one step ahead of the competition … and that in turn has an impact on innovation.

SO what we have today is a generation who are growing up believing the lie that there is nothing that can ‘hold a candle’ to an iPhone. Yet, how many of them actually make use of EVERY aspect of the technology within? Did they really need to fork out over £500 when they could have got something more than adequate for under £100 … yet looks like an iPhone from a distance … hmmm?

My Personal Statement … an explanation