Shack Refurb’ 2013 (/cont)

Many a visitor to my shack in the past has commented on the precarious nature of the array of plastic bins piled one on top of the other behind the pillar drill above one of the benches. Well, fear no more folks! The boxes are now held securely in place by appropriate louvred steel racking.

I resisted the temptation to paint the wooden rack. Like before, it is screwed to the ceiling AND the bench on which it sits. I could probably remove the leg at the corner and it would stay up … but it would creak a bit, so I won’t!

Previously the early RACAL kit sat on what were originally two display cabinets. They did the job but were only just big enough. These have now been replaced with a bespoke shelf/support made from the same 25mm MDF as the new desk. The other two vertical supports for the work bench have not been re-fitted at this point.