Shack Refurb’ 2013

August 2013:

The sun is shining (still) as I sit in my newly refurbished radio-room/study/workshop. Perhaps it wasn’t wise to undertake the task during the hottest summer in decades … but its done now and I’m very satisfied with the result. The last time the ‘shack ‘ was refurbished was back in 2002, so it was well overdue for a ‘refit’.

This time the room was stripped right back to four bare walls. The aging carpet was disposed of and a light-grey laminate floor laid. The two office desks were also removed and replaced with a bespoke MDF table which was deliberately made from two pieces to make it easier to fashion the curved part. It is attached to the wall at the rear and RHS, with a leg at the front RHS and in the centre. The thickness is 25mm with a further 25mm piece about two thirds of the way back running the full width for added strength. The number of cables passing through the hole in the wall is more or less the same as eleven years ago.

I’ll admit that the new colour-scheme is very much in line with my collection of RACAL receivers. The desk/table was painted a shade of blue that contrasted nicely with the walls and ceiling. The box on the floor is a plinth for carrying my two PCs and some heavy-weight power-supplies. When I took the shack apart I discovered that I had used no less than fifteen 4-gang mains adapters, so a major part of this exercise was to reconfigure the power distribution.

… But where did all the stuff go that came out of the shack?

Answer: Next door! … into the spare room. Note the colour scheme! This was ostensibly my daughter’s room. Rachel and her husband Simon both graduated from St. Andrews University at the start of the summer. They have since moved into a flat in Edinburgh but we had to wait until all of Rachel’s belongings were cleared out before I could refill it with the contents of the shack. This I did with ease!