R1155A Ser. No. 40696 (cont/)

If the thought of rewiring a coil-box doesn’t frighten you, the wiring around the System Switch might. What I did this time was to re-wire the inter-switch connections at time of disassembly. This made the final wiring of the switch much easier. However it did also raise some confusion. See the photograph on the left. Note the yellow wire from the earth solder-tag on the rear mounting plate that goes to the switch at about ‘8 o’clock’. This wire isn’t in Peter Holtham’s book. In the book, that switch connection goes to the 4-pin Jones socked and is earthed to the chassis at the connector. In actual fact, in this particular receiver, the wire between the connector and the switch was earthed to chassis at both ends. I eventually removed the wire earthing the switch to the chassis since it was a duplication. But this goes to show that maintaining consistency of manufacture over 6 different factories did have its difficulties

And then ... Just to prove a point ... Two views of the wiring associated with the System Switch. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the Hum Filter assembly for access to the AF/RF gain control. At this point, access is still required to the awkwardly mounted 9-way tag-board as wires are still being routed to it. With all the wiring to the System Switch complete, you are left with a bunch of wires, above and below the chassis with labels attached ... Or at least you should have!