R1155A Ser. No. 40696 (cont/)

I have put these two photographs together because they serve to demonstrate the methodical, systematic rebuilding process as explained in Peter Holtham’s book. It is both interesting and poignant that the R1155 was never designed to be disassembled once assembled. Since the life of a bomber during the peak of Bomber Command’s campaign in WW2 was measured in weeks, typically three! As a result, the front panel was welded to the chassis and could not be removed. As a result the order of reassembly has to be chosen very carefully and occasionally appears haphazard. For instance, the 9-way tag board, top left in both photographs needs to be wired early on since once the coil-box is installed, access to the board becomes greatly impaired. Also note that in the bottom photograph, the three capacitors associated with V9 have already been wired, although they are eventually attached to the end of the coil-box. Anyone who has attempted to fit these after the coil-box will know how frustratingly difficult that can be. These two photographs also show how satisfying the reassembly can be ... Giving you an opportunity to ensure that the wiring is neat and tidy.