I now offer a service for restoring and refurbishing the iconic R.1155. If you haven’t already seen my 1155 pages you can find them here. The level of restoration offered would probably be influenced by what is present and what is available. The 1155 contained many custom components, some of which are becoming increasingly difficult to source and often command a premium price. With this in mind, and the level of work required (the set will require to be totally rewired) the starting price for this service will be £500.00. However, since the set only weighs 25 pounds, we should be able to offer a door-to-door courier option at extra cost.

It might be said that it is only in the last decade that there has been a resurgence in interest in the type. Most R.1155s in circulation these days have been modified. This is largely due to the fact that post WW2 a great many appeared on the surplus market. However there being no requirement for direction finding, the associated DF circuitry was more often than not removed. It is the latter that poses the greatest difficulty in resurrecting if missing. Study the photographs below for what to look for.
R.1155 Restoration Service

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Aural Sense and L-R switches

with tag-board on top of switch

The 2 VR99As

The transformer behind the front panel

There should be a ceramic

trimmer capacitor

behind the front panel

The VR102/BL63

These 2 wave-wound inductors

The DF Tag-board on the end of the coil-box

With the exception of the Jones-Panel, it is possible to produce a working receiver even if some or all of the high-lighted parts are missing since they are associated with direction finding and not with general reception.

If you are interested in this service please contact me.

As with my RA17 restoration service, the aim is to restore your R1155 back to original or near to, operational status. That is to say that any non-service-sanctioned modifications such as internal power supplies and audio amplifiers WILL be removed. Anyone with an R1155 should also be aware that even though I may be able to get the DF circuitry operational, I cannot supply accessories such as the J-Switch, DF-Aerial, Twin-Meter-Indicator and additional Jones Connectors where necessary.

Also, the R1155 is NOT mains-powered. An external ‘floating’ 220V/100mA DC and 6.3V/4.5A supply is necessary. For legal reasons, this is something that I cannot supply.

The Jones Panel: 1 x 4-way socket, 2 x 8-way plugs

The DF circuitry may have been removed.

The rear of this compartment is often completely missing!