T.1154 and R.1155 Links

Below are a few T.1154 and R.1155 related links ...

Radio Bygones article from 2007 by Bo Samuelsson. Then more info here.

A very realistic Lancaster Bomber Wireless / Navigator mock-up.

VK2Bvs R1155 / T1154 page.

Norman Groom’s Lancaster Bomber mock-up.

Peter Holtham’s R1155 Restoration.

Peter Tranter’s page.

The VMARS R1155 page.

G4NCE’s R1155 page.

Brent Hilpert R1155 page.

A pair of A.D. 8882Bs in a B.O.A.C Short Solent flying boat, 1947 and Marconator 1, Marconator 2 and Marconator 3