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A Power Supply for the T1154/R1155

The reason for building it …

The purpose of this article is not so much as to present a specific design for a power supply … it is instead presented as a series of suggestions, since it evolved over a period of time and is largely made up of parts which just happened to be ‘lying around’.

Initially it only consisted of the ‘middle’ section and was built specifically to run my newly restored A.D. 8882B (aka prototype R1155). At that time, there was no 24V supply, and instead there was a separate ‘beefy’ 6.3V transformer on the chassis. Contrary to what some people say, it is perfectly feasible to run the R1155 heaters from 6.3V AC. The fact that all the original drawings give the heater supply as LT+ and LT- is simply because the supply on the bomber was produced by dynamotors, which by their very nature were only capable of producing DC. It is a myth that the R1155 was not wired for AC and that using AC will result in excessive hum.

With the unexpected acquisition of a T1154M transmitter in 2010, I was suddenly presented with an new set of power supply requirements. I eventually came up with the idea that not only should it power the T1154 and the R1155, but that it should, as much as possible, actually mimic the supply onboard the bomber.